Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream



Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream, ca. 2021
Giclee, Silkscreen and Glazes
32 3/10 × 45 3/10 in
82 × 115 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 75

Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream, an original mixed media collage by contemporary British artist Bonnie and Clyde. The piece is framed and signed by the artist. Bonnie and Clyde has mastered the art of mixed media collage, blending photography with fine art until the lines of distinction disappear. Her brightly coloured brushstrokes – often depicting modernist architecture, expanses of sea, and palm-tree lined streets – are reminiscent of early Hockney, given an up-to-date twist with a bricolage technique, employed to unrivalled effect.

Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream, ca. 2021 deploys photomontage to stunning effect, weaving together images from Coney Island, Mexico, and LA, to create a non-linear space, that exists somewhere between reality and dreamscape. Juxtaposing hard monochrome with panels or saturated colour, fusing abstract texture with figurative photography, the result is dizzying: a visually immersive work that implicates its viewer at every vertiginous turn.

Bonnie and Clyde is an artist and printmaker. Her main practice involves creating visually arresting mixed media collages using photography, paint and print. These collages are then used as a reference to create limited edition prints. Inspired by everything from signage and iconography to music, film and the lives of other people, Bonnie and Clyde responds emotionally to socio-political environments intertwined with her own personal circumstances. A keen photographer, she enjoys travelling and capturing images that explore her interests in street photography, architecture, the sea and psychogeography, which are then appropriated into her artwork Bonnie and Clyde studied 3D Design at Kingston University. She set up her own successful graphic design business in Manchester creating everything from posters, brochures, book sleeves, signage and websites to full festival campaigns. She then decamped to Brighton with her beloved cameras, learnt the art of screen-printing and followed her career in art.




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Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream, ca. 2021 32 3/10 × 45 3/10 in 82 × 115 cm


Bonnie and Clyde Time To Daydream, ca. 2021 Giclee, Silkscreen and Glazes


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