Linen Apron Collection Limited Edition



Lizzie Weir’s Linen Apron Collection Limited Edition comes from vibrant and earthy pigments. These bespoke screen printed linen aprons are original, hand printed and truly unique. The print run is limited, giving the linen an exclusive and luxurious feel, focussing on concept, visual aesthetic and quality.

Lizzie Weir’s Linen Aprons are like flowers that never die. They catch the eye. The Linen Aprons brighten up your kitchen with welcome splashes of colour. Their uses are endless. They can provide a pleasant shock to the system in a neutral, subtle and quiet setting. The Linen Aprons are impossible to ignore as well as the statement cushions and tea towels. The designs are wild, maverick, primeval and instinctive. They’ll look fantastic anywhere. They’re beautiful and belong in nature. Perfect if you want your life disrupted by an Apron.


The Linen Collection is are entirely handcrafted and unique, please allow around 15 days for delivery. If you have any further questions, or if you need a delivery more urgently, please contact us.


If are interested in a special commission or if you would like Lizzie Weir to design a unique creation for yourself or as a gift, we would be delighted to discuss further details,please contact us.



100% linen hand printed apron with cotton tape edging and ties. Cotton tape is approx. 5cms wide and each apron has yellow, navy blue and sea green tape.


90 cms long x 75 cms wide


All pieces are entirely handcrafted and unique. Please allow around 5-10 working days from placing the order for delivery.

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If you have any further questions, or if you need a delivery more urgently, please contact us.

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