Warhol Coloured Campbell’s Soup Cans



Warhol Coloured Campbell’s Soup Cans
7-Ply Canadian Maple Skateboards (wood)
H/S Code 49119100
Open Collection
8 Colour options / Set of 8
One wall mount included per deck
78.8cm x 20.3cm (size of one deck)

Warhol Coloured Campbell’s Soup Cans. Utilising the world (and tools) of skateboarding to create a backdrop for modern art and a home for positive change in the world, The Skateroom is a breath of fresh air – and a work of art on wheels.

Andy Warhol

In the early sixties, Andy Warhol created many works depicting consumer products, Hollywood stars, and a highly publicised series illustrating death and disaster in American society. As one of the most recognised faces in contemporary art, it seemed obvious for us to try and perpetuate Andy Warhol’s vision through our production. That’s why we recently collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to produce a series of Andy’s most iconic works.

Under license from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Each skateboard deck can be purchased individually.

©/®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.


The Skateroom

Founded by Charles-Antoine Bodson, Belgian ex-gallerist and skateboard collector, The Skateroom is a surprising combination of high-profile art, skateboards and good will. By featuring global artists’ artwork on skateboards, The Skaterooms makes limited-edition artwork available at more approachable price points and introduces it to a wider audience in a fresh, new form. More than just matchmakers between art and decks, however, The Skateroom is a philanthropic powerhouse and major supporter of NGO social organisation “Skateistan.”


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