Adelaide Shalhope.

Adelaide Shalhope’s current work is a series of collage on paper she refers to as ‘My Heart Takes a Walk’. ‘I begin each piece on a large (6ft by 8ft) piece of Fabriano 250gsm paper and with a chosen pallet of acrylic paint. I give myself permission to create a wild free flowing, abstract, expressive painting.

Leaving it to dry overnight, the following day I begin to cut it up into those sections that resonate with me. The sections may be kept intact to be re-worked with each other or they may be tacked to the walls of my studio until they inspire the next step. Smaller pieces may go in an open file organised by colour which are incorporated into future collages. I cannot overthink this process or it doesn’t work. Various layers of the collage are built up so that the final piece often has a slight sculptural quality.’


The Whisper Gallery presents Summertime Showtime Adelaide Shalhope Walk











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