Marit Geraldine Bostad future looks colourful, hectic, puzzling, mysterious, alluring.

Abstract Expressionist new works ‘Young Intentions’ captures the sun.

Curators we may be but we’re also collaborators, so come and join us.

If you’re an emerging artist or designer with something to say to the world, we can provide a platform to test out your ideas. If you’re an established artist or designer looking for another gallery wall, let’s work together.

If you are another gallery looking for an extra space to showcase artists’ work or a cultural organisation with a vision to share, theories to expound and opinions to canvas, let’s collaborate.

If you are none of the above but just want to celebrate art and culture and want to start a conversation, join us anyway.

It’s far more productive and it’s much more fun if we put our heads together.

“Art can give us that sense of wonder: it can take us to places that we never thought existed; it can inspire us and show us how the seemingly impossible can be made real” The Arts Council.

If you would like to be part of the journey, let’s chat.


 Cox and Cox.

 The Cambridge Satchel Company