The Whisper Gallery Art Online. A new way to buy art for a new generation of art lovers & collectors. Buy favourite artworks by iconic & emerging artists.

    The Whisper Gallery is a carefully curated space where you can buy original art by emerging artists and designer makers. Art and Culture daily.

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    Discover Art Online.

    The Whisper Gallery is a curated online arts platform. If you’re an emerging artist or designer with something to say to the world, we can provide a platform to test out your ideas. If you’re an established artist or designer looking for another gallery wall, let’s work together. The Whisper Gallery is where you can discover, research and collect some of the best curated art online.


    Showcase your Artwork. Boost your sales online.


    How galleries can increase their online presence.

    If you are another gallery looking for an extra space to showcase artists’ work or a cultural organisation with a vision to share, theories to expound and opinions to canvas, let’s collaborate.

    Grow your Artists Career Online.

    Showcase your Artwork. Boost your sales online. Art lovers can enjoy exclusive access to time-sensitive online exhibitions, artworks and content.

    If you are none of the above but just want to celebrate art and culture and want to start a conversation, join us anyway. It’s far more productive and it’s much more fun if we put our heads together.

    If you need help with your Whisper Gallery Bookings or Online order just call + 044 7709581412 (International call charges apply. Rates may vary between providers). And if you’ve got any questions about anything, ask away.






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