Beauty that dazzles and addles the mind. Beauty that is well worth celebrating.

Gold. Silver. Precious stones. Men & women have lied for them, died for them.
They have a mesmeric quality beyond rationality. Beauty that dazzles and addles the mind. But beauty that is well worth celebrating.

And every year since 1327, The Worshipful company of Goldsmiths have been doing just that. During the autumn, a golden time if ever there was one, Goldsmiths’ Fair takes place in the magnificent Goldsmiths’ Hall in the heart of the City of London for two weeks.

Curated by a panel of experts, the Fair features over 120 exceptional designer-craftsmen from independent workshops around the UK who have fashioned these raw minerals and ores into something achingly beautiful. Every item exhibited is crafted with extraordinary skill and artistry.

Gemstone rings, diamond encrusted necklaces, enchanting brooches, minimalist earrings, silver whisky tumblers, enamelled silver vessels, and so much more.

From the sublime to the well, even more sublime.

The exhibitors’ stunning creations not only delight the eye but could well delight successive generations because these have the makings – and the markings of treasured heirlooms.  

The fair will welcome back renowned jeweller Shaun Leane who built an international reputation collaborating with Alexander McQueen. Silversmith Ane Christensen whose elegant Scandi-chic pieces push the boundaries of functionality and form will also be there alongside established society jeweller Elizabeth Gage who makes a long overdue first appearance at the fair.

One of the glittering talents at this year’s Goldsmiths Fair is Samuel Waterhouse who will showcase his SS 2018 collection. Based in London, designer Samuel Waterhouse found his affinity for jewellery making at an early age.

Inspired by antiquity, he aims to create simple yet contemporary jewellery and silverware.

He attempts to retain a minimalistic aesthetic in all his work in order that beauty can stem mainly from the surface and colour of the materials used.

His designs capture the essence of the great artists of the Renaissance period who started off their careers in goldsmith workshops learning about the accuracy of line and clarity of style. As a goldsmith, Samuel is becoming a master of specialist techniques and the influence of the classical tradition is abundant.

These are just a few of the glittering talents showing at Goldsmiths’ Fair this year.

© Images Samuel Waterhouse

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