The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms

The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms 


Picture this

Imagine a gallery that’s accessible from anywhere in the world. Location and distance are no longer an issue. Welcome to The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms, a digital platform that connects artists with art lovers, galleries with art collectors in a growing online conversation.




Room for everyone

The curated rooms are entirely democratic and provide a space for both emerging and established artists to display their work. As well as acting as a stand-alone gallery, the Online Viewing Rooms can enhance real life, real time exhibitions and shows. Nothing can quite replace the excitement of being in the presence of a painting or artwork but it’s an effective add-on with the advantage of being far more agile when it comes to exhibiting. Think of it as a natural evolution of the gallery – and an enhancement definitely.


The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms

Images Claudia Aran, Jorge Mallo


Artists & viewers

The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms can provide amazing opportunities not just for established artists, but for art school graduates, young contemporaries & emerging artists to reveal their work to the world and to give it essential oxygen: to showcase their work in a virtual exhibition space when real space might be beyond them. Viewers will be able to take a virtual walk-through to browse artworks and search by gallery, artist or exhibition title. The high-resolution images and curated space mean that the viewers’ appetite for new and arresting work is satisfied. And viewers can visit the gallery as often as you like.


Online Viewing Rooms Imagined Landscapes

Eye-catching exhibitions

Galleries can hire a space and launch an exclusive online exhibition in tandem with the same show that’s taking place in their real-life gallery. The perfect companion piece. Viewing rooms can be hired by individual artists, groups of artists or by galleries who can choose space according to their needs.


Take a closer look

The Whisper Gallery Viewing Rooms’ high-resolution images allow viewers to zoom in, the virtual equivalent of walking up and studying an artwork in detail, glimpse the brushstrokes and see the imprint of relief printmaking more closely. Images are accompanied by short explanatory pieces including quotes from the artists to help shed light on his or her modus operandi and excite the viewer’s interest. The works will be presented in the best possible light.

Amazing view

The ‘View on the wall’ feature also allows artists and collectors to see pieces in a virtual space to scale and all dimensions faithfully recreated. It’s an effective way of seeing what a particular artwork would look like once it’s at home. The Whisper Gallery will curate the work and create an ideal or optimum setting for the artwork or artworks.

Time sensitive

Each exhibition is time sensitive in the same sense that a real-world exhibition would normally run for a limited number of weeks or months. Space can be booked individually by the week, the calendar month or for the whole year. As for publicity, the Whisper Gallery will also promote all exhibitions across our social media platforms.

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    The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms


    The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms


    The Whisper Gallery Online Viewing Rooms



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