Breaking Out Open Call – all creative disciplines

It’s time to get your submissions in again. Original Magazine is so excited to be launching their new Open Call ‘Breaking Out’. It has continued to be a difficult time for creatives with endless restrictions and lockdowns around the world, and they want you all to know that you are not going through this alone. Breaking Out Open Call – all creative disciplines, the submission is not themed and they would love for you all to consider the title when you are submitting your work. Main Image © Ian Inoy ‘Begin Again’

Deadline Date: 27th July @23:00pm UK Time


Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines

Image © Ian Inoy ‘ I will Survive’

Breaking Out – Virtual Exhibition Dates

19 August – 19 September 

Original Magazine prides itself on being a platform that focuses their attention on students and emerging talent, however, this current Open Call is open to all artists from across all creative disciplines no matter what level you are at. Whether you are still studying or a working professional they would love to see the work that you are creating.

Not only will the lucky 10 artists be featured across Original Magazine’s website and socials, you will also be featured in a virtual exhibition curated and hosted by The Whisper Gallery. Your work will also be shared across The Whisper Gallery’s social media platforms with one lucky artist having the opportunity to carry out an Instagram takeover with both Original Magazine and The Whisper Gallery.




How To Submit – Artists Submission Details→

This process, unlike some, cannot be simpler.




Deadline 27th July @23:00pm UK Time


Submission £5.00 per entry – submissions are paid via Original Magazine’s – The Student Store→

Once you have made your purchase please send an email or WeTransfer link to [email protected] with a collection of images (5 – 15 images maximum).

Please follow the image filing requests from The Whisper Gallery below: artist name_ image title_size in mm_price – Short CV bio, statement 50 words (The Whisper Gallery will edit)

Please ensure you add your website and social media links. This is important and without this your submission will not be accepted.

We will endeavour to get back to you all if you are successful or not! We really look forward to viewing your work and excited to see the work that you all submit for this very exciting Open Call with our first virtual exhibition here at Original Magazine.



Image © Ian Inoy ‘ Always There for You’


Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines


Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines



Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines







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