Brush strokes & pencil lines that seem to dance on the page.

The work inspired by Drawing Cabaret Couture is tantalising and mesmeric. Still life with movement.


Brush strokes and pencil lines that seem to dance on the page. There’s a lightness of being and a chiffon airiness that defies the logic of the static image. What is this sorcery? How can these beautiful still lives seem not so still at all? How is it achieved and more importantly, can it be learned?



Drawing Cabaret Couture is an avante-garde online Fashion Gallery and independent life drawing production company based in London.

Vanessa Lawrence 50-x-65cm Soft-Pastel on Fabriano Paper created from Drawing Cabaret Couture online drawing event Ada Zanditon Couture


It was founded by artist and set designer Matthew Lawrence and professional dancer and model Janet Mayer of J’adore La Vie, London’s High Fashion Cabaret. They pooled their extraordinary talents to set up a company which specialises in Haute Couture Performative drawing classes, immersive art events and tutored workshops across the globe.



J’adore La Vie Cabaret by Shelley Jones

They work closely with some of the most ambitious, exciting and innovative creatives in the dance and fashion industry: leading and up & coming fashion designers, agency models, professional dancers, photographers, film makers, stylists and set designers that help bring stunning concepts to life.


Brush strokes & pencil lines that seem to dance on the page.


They provide artists – from beginners tentatively making their first marks – to experienced and established artists with inspirational classes and original and beautiful resource material. They are stage managers extraordinaire.

Rooked The Alternative Hair Show for Anne Veck Hair Photographer Erica Von Stein

If you’d like to be a part of these amazing and immersive drawing events, register your interest now…

Drawing Cabaret Couture→


Brush strokes & pencil lines that seem to dance on the page.

IA London Fall 2021 Online drawing booking→

Thursday, 4 March 2021

11:00 – 13:00 GMT

17:00 – 19:00 GMT

What would you do if you had only 3 minutes? One minute to kiss the child, one minute to sip coffee, one minute not to finish the drawing.

About this event

“The Hourglass” is IA London’s 2nd collaboration with Janet Mayer and Matthew Lawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture who will be joining the official London Fashion Week February 2021 schedule, proving that exceptional creativity survives and flourishes even in the most challenging of circumstances.



“We’re delighted to collaborate with IA London for the 2nd time, exploring our creative dialogue in-depth with a new direction and fresh creative vision.” Janet Mayer & Matthew Lawrence, Drawing Cabaret Couture co-founders.


“The Pandemic made us reconsider what are the important things in life and what we choose to spend our time on. IA London’s Fall 2021 “Hourglass” sharpens this reconsideration, by limiting the time to “as long as the Hourglass is ticking”.

Join us in this awe inspiring online drawing class as we explore the themes and designs of this incredible avant garde label. IA designs and manufacturers sustainable and ethically-made womenswear with a strong artistic identity. Modelled by Janet Mayer, built into a hand painted set design by Matthew Lawrence this is certainly not one to be missed.


Behind the scenes IA-London SS21. Photographer Matt Leeves


Behind-the-scenes IA London SS21 Photographer Matt Leeves



If you can’t change the world



IA London SS21. The Girl Who Collected Memories



If you can’t change the world





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