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As featured in House & Garden The Whisper Gallery is an artfully curated multi-disciplinary arts platform. See the work of new contemporaries such as Jocelyn McGregor, Marit Geraldine Bostad, Louise Barrington, Judith Davies, goldsmith Samuel Waterhouse, jeweller Shape of Sound, and artist designer IA London all on the threshold of wider fame. 


The World Of InteriorsImage ©Marit Geraldine Bostad



The World Of InteriorsImage ©Louise Barrington


House & Garden


The World Of InteriorsImage ©Samuel Waterhouse

Discover iconic collectables such as Warhol, Miró, Lichenstein and Rauschenberg and dare to imagine such pieces on your wall.


The World Of Interiors


The Whisper Gallery is a platform celebrating art and ideas, where iconic artists and designers rub shoulders with emerging raw talent.


Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines


The platform celebrates an eclectic portfolio of craftsmanship from the worlds of art, design, jewellery, textiles and sculpture, each carefully selected piece formed with integrity, considerable talent and anchored in passion and expertise.


The World Of InteriorsImage Antoni Tàpies

We work closely with a select group of artists & galleries around the world. Whether you are an avid collector or just curiously exploring, there is an eclectic blend of affordable and more celebrated works including those from Tàpies, Hepworth and Emin.


The World Of Interiors

Our dynamic viewing rooms open the floor to multidisciplinary talent who have the opportunity to reach a curious and hungry audience, and who’s voice is lost amongst the cacophony of competition to be seen.


Breaking Out Open Call ❋ all creative disciplines


Anchored in individual talent, The Whisper Gallery is proud to showcase international artists of all genres and backgrounds: from sculptural installations that showcase a glorious introspective into the fragmented female form through Jocelyn McGregor, to Marit Geraldine Bostad’s invigorating Abstract Expressionist canvases imbued with a youthful, playful expression of positivity. Goldsmith Samuel Waterhouse’s jewellery and silverware creations are the epitome of modern luxury. The influence to Renaissance antiquity, classical tradition and Korean practises are abundant in his stunning artefacts.


The World Of InteriorsImage ©IA London


The World Of InteriorsImage ©Judith Davies


The World Of InteriorsImage ©Shape of Sound


The platform brings deep art-world expertise to a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts, for a novice or expert. It is a site curated with care for the specific purpose of bringing art seamlessly and joyfully into your life.





The World Of InteriorsImage ©Gabrielle Avancini, Chloe Fizpatrick

Breaking Out

19 August – 19 September 

Original Magazine Original Magazine welcomes nascent and budding artists to The Student Hub. Here, remarkable talents, silenced for so long can showcase their multidisciplinary work and explore a vast panoply of themes. From heritage and the body form to distortions of history and self-portraiture. The work knows no geographical boundaries. It is unbridled, ambitious, but often thoughtful and inspiring. It’s also unmissable.


The Poetry of Landscape : Joy Moore

12 October – 12 November

Building on a long tradition of European landscape painting, Joy Moore presents these richly glowing landscapes evoking wistful and emotional connections with Scotland, Ireland and Italy. Moore’s landscapes take the viewer to imaginary places. It’s the hills and shores of Scotland, Ireland and Italy that provide the architecture but Joy gives them life, sublime colour and layers of meaning. It is only through this intensely personal prism that these pieces acquire a deeply thoughtful and reflective quality. Here we see the mind of a poet at work. But with paint rather than words.




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