It’s part of the culture anywhere the wind blows.

The scarf has many antecedents. Sash, shawl, rug, rag, hood, veil, cape. It’s part of the culture anywhere the wind blows. 

The Whisper Gallery It’s part of the culture anywhere the wind blows.

This rich and evocative Hellen van Berkel scarf is hand crafted from luxurious wool featuring contrasting rows of grey tartan with threads of pink and umber detail, red and blue circular forms with signature intricate flower detail, complete with frayed edges in an over-sized square design. SHOP NOW

The Whisper Gallery It’s part of the culture anywhere the wind blows.

This Hellen van Berkel pure wool scarf has a colour scheme redolent of Tuscany in late August. So go on, be that warm again. Hellen van Berkel’s recent commissions include The Guggenheim Museum New York, The Frick Collection, Nina Ricci, Rijksmuseum and Whitechapel Gallery. SHOP NOW

Cosy, toastie like a roastie.

Each culture has its own scarf story. Ours – the 79ft one knitted by your granny. The one shoe-horned into your duffle coat by your mother that acted like a solid sealant against the winter chill when you were little. The student scarf that says IQ, the scarf and flat cap kind of scarf, the football scarf with tell-tale club colours and the scarf of shame. That’s the one with tassels. SHOP NOW


Paul Smith multi-colour ‘Swirl’ pattern scarf made in Italy from a luxurious silk fabrics expertly finished with rolled, hand-stitched edges.

Cut a dash, make a splash.

Now there are more wonderful scarf manifestations than ever before. Scarves in colours and designs that a jumper could never get away with and scarves in patterns that make your head go funny. SHOP NOW

The Whisper Gallery It’s part of the culture anywhere the wind blows.

This rich and evocative Hellen van Berkel scarf is hand crafted from luxurious pure silk juxtaposing hand blocked yellow and black geometric forms. Never has character been so beautifully and fully expressed by a single scarf. A scarf can lift a sober suit and suggest unplumbed depths of personality. It can swaddle, cuddle and add the glorious finishing touch that was missing to your outfit. The right scarf can help you cut a dash, make a splash and even disguise the fact that you might not have the cash of banker. Because it’s all about style, not money. SHOP NOW

Never has keeping warm been so cool.

And to hell with your collar size. There’s no such think as too big or too small when it comes to scarves. Nor too loud or too lurid. It’s the ultimate accessory for whatever you’re wearing and whatever you identify as. Dress up, dress down, tie up, leave hanging, swish to the left, swish to the right. There are so many to like we want them all! SHOP NOW

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