Marit Geraldine Bostad future looks colourful, hectic, puzzling, mysterious, alluring.

We were lucky enough to talk to Abstract Expressionist, Marit Geraldine Bostad in her studio. Her work has the beauty of half remembered dreams, the plaintive mesmerism of whale song and a gorgeous, puzzling and enigmatic Joycean stream of consciousness. Main Image YOUNG INTENTIONS→

Her studio is out at an old naval base, not in use anymore, called Karljohansvern, just outside Horten city, south of Oslo in Norway.The artist lived there from the age of seven to twelve, so the area is filled with memories and good feelings. She knows the woods, every exciting corner to explore as a child and every place to find comfort as a grown up. This special place amongst submarines, canons and beautiful nature gives nurture to her creations. A peaceful area filled with history and presence in every wall.

Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art picked Marit Geraldine as one of the artists (out of five) to invest in, in her talk ‘Invest in art” at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles.



One’s a one-off, two’s lucky, three’s a collection

There you are, going along quite nicely, no particular needs or wants and then you see it. Out of the blue and out of the swirling, sweeping, gliding colours that cover the canvas. Colours that describe every mood you’ve ever had. It’s something that speaks to you as if it has the gift of tongues and something that touches you deep inside. And from that moment on, you know that having it just live in the memory won’t suffice. You have to somehow secure daily contact with this lovely, intriguing piece and only more exposure to it’s strange allure will be enough. 

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