Berenice Fugard Whistle



Berenice Fugard Whistle

20 x 20 x 2.3cm, 8″ x 8″

Oil on cradled wood panel, weight 340g,


Viewing Room

Berenice Fugard  ‘My practice stems from conscious and unconscious observations inspired by my environment.  I live in the countryside, in an area of France known for extremes of temperatures, turbulent storms, beautiful insects and animals, strange politics and wild boar hunters.  The violence creates a conflict between life-affirming forces and anguish, akin to a dissonance in music.  I paint to resolve this dissonance.’

Time for art to be unlocked because we can be sure artists haven’t shut down even if the world has. With actual galleries silent, shuttered and padlocked, artists are still producing and still want their work to be seen. To these ends, we’re launching Art Unlocked which offers wall space and a viewing room to artists and galleries so both can fully express themselves albeit in a virtual world. But what is real is that 25% of all sales will go to Art for Heroes, a charity raising money for the NHS Heroes set up to support their exceptional, unstinting, and unselfish work.



Oil on cradled wood panel, weight 560g,


20 x 20 x 2.3cm, 8" x 8"


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