Bradley Theodore | Eternal Queen Set



Bradley Theodore | Eternal Queen Set
Eternal Queen (Cardinal Red) (Cobalt Blue), 2022
Etching with relief printing
32 9/10 × 31 3/5 in
83.5 × 80.2 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 50

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Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore | Eternal Queen Set.  Eternal Queen (Cardinal Red) and (Cobalt Blue) are a pair of etchings relief printed by Bradley Theodore. Released to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee year in 2022, Eternal Queen is part of an ongoing series by the artist depicting royalty, past and present.

Speaking of the set, Theodore states: “Queen Elizabeth has set the tone for fashion and lifestyle. She represents the strong, beautiful, powerful woman that is the archetype for women today.”

Over a year in the making, Eternal Queen has been created via a complex combination of etching and six layers of relief printing. From a limited edition of 50, these two prints are sold as a set, signed and numbered by the artist.

With bright, energetic brushstrokes, Bradley Theodore transforms cultural icons into skeletons. The artist considers celebrity and mortality as he paints the silhouettes of famous figures such as David Bowie, Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, and Anna Wintour—he often depicts elements of their distinctive outfits, hair, and poses as well as the bones that lie beneath. Theodore, who studied at the School of Visual Arts, takes inspiration from his early days as a graffiti artist in New York and his later career as a graphic designer. His compositions unite the expressive, pared-back forms of those practices with elements from art history and the world of fashion. Theodore has exhibited extensively in New York and London. He has completed public projects in those cities as well as in Tokyo and Tivat, Montenegro. The artist has also collaborated with Puma, Google, Rolls-Royce, and Lego.

Theodore says, “I can’t explain my fascination with Her Majesty. Maybe it’s because I was born in Turks & Caicos (which is part of the Commonwealth), but her status as an icon feels like it’s always been present in my life. Perhaps it’s the rich relationship between art and royalty, or royalty and fashion, or some amalgamation of all those things, but I find her to be an endless source of fascination and inspiration.”



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