Celia Paul | Letters to Gwen John



Celia Paul | Letters to Gwen John (Hardback)
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Number of pages: 352
Weight: 773 g
Dimensions: 206 x 140 x 38 mm
ISBN: 9781787333376

Celia Paul | Letters to Gwen John (Hardback). Through imagined correspondence between herself and painter Gwen John, artist and author of Self-Portrait Celia Paul delivers a riveting, unique examination of life devoted to making art.

A unique combination of memoir and artistic biography, interspersed with original artworks, from the acclaimed artist and author of Self-Portrait.

We are both painters. We can connect to each other through images, in our own unvoiced language. But I will try and reach you with words. Through talking to you I may come alive and begin to speak.

Celia Paul has felt a lifelong connection to the artist Gwen John. There are extraordinary parallels in their lives and work. Both have always made art on their own terms. Both were involved with older male artists. Both worked hard to keep themselves and the sacred flame of their creativity from being extinguished by others.

Letters to Gwen John is Paul’s imagined correspondence with Gwen John, whose life and work have loomed so large in hers. These intimate, passionate, haunting letters allow Paul to reach across eras, to weigh up the sacrifices she has made, and to explore the rich possibilities of a life apart. With illuminating insights into the life and work of Gwen John, Letters to Gwen John is a unique form of memoir and conversation, and an unforgettable insight into a life devoted to making art.

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