Ella Stern | Gold-Plated Gemstone Molten Pendant



Ella Stern | Gold-Plated Gemstone Molten Pendant
Material: Gold-Plated Recycled Sterling Silver
Gemstones: Ethically Sourced Aqua, Yellow and Pink Sapphire
Chain Length: 18”


Ella Stern | Gold-Plated Gemstone Molten Pendant. A graceful burst of colour, this striking pendant by British jeweller Ella Stern has been delicately handmade by the designer herself. The surface of the pendant has a delicately textured finish, perfectly complimented by the aqua, yellow and pink sapphire gemstones. Made of recycled gold plated sterling silver, this is a wonderfully versatile piece to add to your jewellery collection.

Born and raised in London, Ella Stern hand makes every single one of her designs using traditional silversmith skills. With a love for sculptural shapes, interesting textures and uniquely curated gemstones, Ella Stern designs jewellery that is made to be enjoyed every day and cherished forever.

Please note, each pearl is completely unique and tells their own story, so they may vary in shape and size.


Ella Stern

Born and raised in London, she trained in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins graduating in 2015.

After graduation she took a break from the bench and pursued a career in marketing in the arts and cultural sector. This included time working for the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Fair and South Bank London. 

Having been fortunate enough to spend so much time in the capital surrounded by some of the boldest art, architecture and style, there is no denying that London has had a big impact on the way she designs. “I am lucky to spend lost of my times wandering around museums and galleries.”

Over the years’ my designing and ways of working have evolved hugely. However, traditional silver-smithing techniques have remained at the core of every collection. Every last piece is made by my Ella at her bench in my East London studio. 

Taking influence from abstract sculpture and Modernist and Biomorphic movements, she design pieces for the unconventional wearer that are bold, modern and sculptural. “I love rich texture, imperfection, curvy shapes, wavy lines, asymmetry and bright colours. I don’t ever want my jewellery to feel stuffy or too precious.”


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