Washed Linen Pistachio Blue Table Runner



We are delighted to present our Washed Linen Pistachio Blue Table Runner, hand finished with eleven mother of pearl buttons from our bespoke and specially commissioned capsule collection of authentic washed Italian linen, produced near the Renaissance town of Carpi, south of Verona and north of Florence.

Rich textures reflect the soft plaster palette and shades of fresco colours. Amongst the collection are embroidered and lined linen baskets, linen cushion covers, linen table runners, linen towels and linen guest towels all in a variety of noble and playful hues such as Musk Rose, Lime White, as well as this exclusive Pistachio Blue Table Runner.

In true dolce vita style, one doesn’t iron linen, one simply lives in it.

Created in exquisite detail that is a work of art in itself hand finished with eleven mother of pearl buttons, our Linen Musk Rose Table Runner is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, gentle and soft. Linen is perfect for the skin and the Italians know a thing or two about beautification. Natural and charming, this fine linen Italian design will compliment your guest bedroom or bathroom.

They would make a gorgeous gift for someone you know who appreciates these things. Someone who reveres such elegance and finery. And they would make a gorgeous gift for you.

Our linens are pre washed for softness and to make sure they won’t shrink, lost their shape or fade after purchase.


Of course, Italian luxury textiles are consistently sought after by the rest of the world. The incomparable quality, rich and vibrant history, sustainable execution and beautiful finish make Italian linen a timeless fabric choice.

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Washed Linen Pistachio Blue Table Runner 160 X 57 cm


100% Washed Linen Table Runner, hand finished with eleven mother of pearl buttons.


All pieces are entirely handcrafted and unique. Please allow around 5-10 working days from placing the order for delivery.

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