Jane Bristowe Green Toad Limited Edition Linocut



Jane Bristowe Green Toad Limited Edition Linocut
300 gsm cotton woven Somerset Satin
30 cm x 30cm
11.8 x 11.8 in
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 50

Jane Bristowe Green Toad Limited Edition Linocut. Know anyone totally in love with Green Toads? Well, this Green Toad Limited Edition Print makes an ideal gift for someone who loves characterful and quirky animals. Think birthday or even birth day because it looks wonderful smiling down from a nursery wall. Think Christmas, anniversaries, and gifts for no reason at all too. The linocuts are limited so hurry, before they hop off.

Can you sum up an elephant in a line? Or capture the character of a frog right down to the ‘ribbit’? Jane Bristowe appears to be able to do it with consummate ease. Her lines are sure and her colours bold and beautiful, all hesitation left behind the moment before she applies her carving tools. What also adds character is the way Jane has positioned her beloved animals in the frame. The blue whale has to arch its back to fit while the chubby little wren occupies just one corner. So as well as having character, the animals also have scale. It would take ages to describe in words what Jane Bristowe has achieved with these wonderful Limited Edition Linocuts. And even then the writing might not be enough.



Images Lou Souza Photography.


The Paper used for linocuts is: 300 gsm cotton woven Somerset Satin.


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