INKCANDY: The Shining (Fluro pink)



Original, hand pulled 3 colour, silkscreen print
15.2 × 33 in
38.6 x 84 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 50

INKCANDY: The Shining (Fluro pink). An extreme close up of just the eyes is sometimes called an Italian shot, taking its name from Sergio Leone’s Italian-Western films.

This series is inspired by some of our favourite movie close ups. When viewed close up our prints are a geometric pattern of shapes, the image only becoming clear the further you step away.

Three colour hand pulled silkscreen printed onto Omnia, 200gsm. Fluro red and pink ink are complimented by a clear varnish that adds a subtle texture to each individual shape.

INKCANDY was founded by London based graphic designer Dave Young. His prints combine a love of both film and design. Like most 80’s kids his first real memories of film are largely from watching videotapes. Growing up he had neighbour who ran a video shop out the back of a Ford Fiesta XR2. It would stop by every Friday night with an ever changing library of cinematic wonders.

His latest series Close Up is inspired by Sergio Leone’s extreme close ups of eyes. This shot has been used by countless auteurs to create iconic cinematic moments that burn into our subconscious. Dave plays with these moments, reinterpreting them through ideas found in both op art and pointillism, forcing us to look again.



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