Letterpress Woodblock Ampersand Card



This limited edition letterpress woodblock design is suitable for a range of occasions.

It is individually printed onto white rag paper with matching rag paper envelope.

Using traditional letterpress printing techniques the card is proofed on a Potter Press onto handmade paper made from 100% long fibre cotton rag.

The papers are made in South India from 100% cotton rag. Cotton rags have longer fibres than linters which are the short fluffy fibres of the cotton seed often used in papermaking. Genuine rag papers are rare and it is the fibre length of this raw material that gives the rag papers their exceptional strength and durability. The cotton rag we use comes from T-shirt cuttings, a reliable source of pure woven cotton.The rag papers are the only handmade papers in India made with neutral pH size and so they are the only ones that are genuinely acid free.


11 x 15cm Weight: 150 gsm


Cotton rag with plant based material added for natural colour and texture. Acid free. Deckle edged.


All pieces are entirely handcrafted and unique. Please allow around 5-10 working days from placing the order for delivery.

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