Madi | The sun before dark 2022



Madi | The sun before dark 2022
Acrylic on linen canvas
45 3/5 × 31 4/5 in
115.82 × 80.77 cm
Signed by the artist


Madi | The sun before dark 2022. Madi is constantly trying to evolve. At the beginning her work was in black and white, full of meticulous details. Her production of drawings is obsessive as a travel inside her head, showing imaginary characters, textures, sensations, dreams & fantasies.

She immerses herself in a colourful production, less controlled, unexpected and way more instinctive. Her work is guided by the spontaneity.

It’s an intimate and endearing process. She paints because she needs to. The viewer enjoys the conception of a private universe free from any boundaries. As if she was searching for an absolute peace which only the act of painting could fulfil.



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    Madi is a painter who develops her style through exhibitions, collaborations and murals. She feeds on fragments of reality to build her imagination. Making a painting is the result of this collection, a pictorial organisation that caresses the viewer’s eye.

    A colour releases a fragrance, a shade makes me think of a smile, a line embodies musicality. I feel the same phenomenon when I cook, I associate according to a dazzling desire, I taste, I am fully invested and I taste. The taste determines the experience, it is the same for a painting. I visualise a path, a journey, ingredients that come together and their dosage is intuitively crucial.”



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