Marit Geraldine Bostad The Kiss



Marit Geraldine Bostad’s Abstract Expressionist, new works ‘The Kiss’ is a stirring piece. The swelling and rising sweeps of acrylic paint evoke a strong and turbulent emotional upheaval as do a strong central cast of colours. There’s an anticipation and sensation before lips touch. The brink, the cusp, the very moments as described by Friar Lawrence in his warning to Romeo and Juliet about the heat of their passions: “Like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume.” One can only imagine what the next moment would look like.

Marit-Geraldine-Bostad Abstract Expressionist new works The Kiss incorporates layer upon layer of acrylic paint, her large scale canvases are imbued with a fresh, youthful approach: one of positivity, reinforced by an invigorating colour palette emphasising ‘the artists’ ability to evoke emotional responses through colour and contrasts.’ Emotional, thoughtful and provocative.

Conversation with Marit Geraldine Bostad

The source of her abstract expressionist is a maelstrom of memories and people, whose essence she intuitively attempts to preserve on the canvas. Richly coloured and textured.




100cms x 80cms


Acrylic on canvas


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