Pouch. Garden at Eichstätt



Pouch. Garden at Eichstätt
Microfiber pouch with zipper and leather tag
35 x 26 cm
Inner zip pocket
Linen lining
Hand-crafted in Italy
ISBN 978-3-8365-9551-3


Pouch. Garden at Eichstätt. With bold, alluring designs inspired by signature TASCHEN titles and hand-crafted in Italy, these XL pouches are portable pleasure culture for those on the move.


Portable Pleasure Culture. A pouch for all seasons.

Pouch. Garden at Eichstätt, hand-crafted in Italy from smooth microfibre, with super-soft linen linings of various vibrant colours, leather tags, and inner zip pockets, these versatile notecases combine form with function. Through a striking selection of designs, we bring colour and character to every case.

In 1613, the German apothecary Basilius Besler published the Hortus Eystettensis, one of the most famous and comprehensive botanical surveys in history. This impeccably illustrated catalog of the plants in the contemporary garden surrounding the castle Willibaldsburg in Eichstätt, Bavaria features 367 beautifully engraved plates organised according to the four seasons. The exquisite arrangement of tulips in goblet- and star-shaped flowers presented here makes this case both utterly inimitable and memorably stylish.


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