Robert Rauschenberg | Suite of Nine Prints



Robert Rauschenberg | Suite of Nine Prints
78 × 59 cm
30 7/10 × 23 1/5 in

Robert Rauschenberg | Suite of Nine Prints. Offset lithograph, 1979, resp. silkscreen on vellum, Signed, dated and numbered from the edition of 100 (there were 10 Hors Commerce and an unrecorded number of artist’s proofs), published by Multiples, Inc., New York with the blind stamp of the printer Styria Studio, New York., 78×59 cm, (30 7/10 × 23 1/5 in).



Robert Rauschenberg | Blurring Boundaries and Redefining Art


“Art is what you can get away with.”


This provocative quote by Robert Rauschenberg captures his audacious approach to art. He defied convention, pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable artistic expression.  His “Combines,” incorporating everyday objects, challenged traditional notions of painting and sculpture.


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A leading figure in the post-war art scene, Rauschenberg is celebrated for his groundbreaking “Combines.”  These innovative works transcended traditional boundaries, blurring the lines between painting and sculpture.  Rauschenberg fearlessly incorporated everyday objects – newspaper clippings, fabrics, even street trash – into his creations, injecting them with a raw energy and a commentary on our contemporary world.

His daring spirit extended beyond the “Combines.”  Rauschenberg explored a variety of mediums, including photography, printmaking, and even performance art. Throughout his career, he embraced experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what art could be.  His silkscreen prints, in particular, showcase his innovative techniques and thought-provoking imagery, solidifying his position as a pioneer in modern art.




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