Sam Heydt – surreal normality


Sam Heydt – surreal normality. “Covid19 has scanned the United States like a black light in an hourly rate motel room that is America. This body of work is a surrealistic response to the surreal normality worn by our current reality. While globally the curve has flattened, the drawbacks of a self-proclaimed free society manifest as spikes in cases throughout the United States, where wearing a mask has become a partisan issue, positioned at odds with civil rights rather than in line public safety. As the repercussions of loosening lockdown ripple through the population, the post-pandemic rush to normality has proven to be too hasty.”


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Pulling Apart Heterotopia 

Purell Covid19  

Lip Eyes Your Face In Mine

Saliva Hetertopia 


Purell Covid19  Mixed Media 20 x 20 in


Analog Assemblage, Lip Eyes Your Face In Mine Analog Assemblage, Purell Covid19  Mixed Media, Saliva Hetertopia Analog Assemblage


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