Tide Coming in on Calgary Beach Mull



120 x 60 cms.

Acrylic and oil on canvas

2017 – 2021

This painting of the beach at Calgary on the Isle of Mull was created using several watercolour sketches made on site. It was a cool day, very overcast, then later, light came from the west and glimpsed the headland spreading itself over the sea. It was originally painted in 2017 but in 2021 I made some changes to lighten the headland and emphasise the green of the sea. It was painted with brushes and palette knives and has impasto work and texture on the foreshore.

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Tide Coming in on Calgary Beach, Mull 120 x 60 cms.


Tide Coming in on Calgary Beach, Mull. Acrylic and oil on canvas Painted 2017 – 2021


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