Wildsmith Skin | English Stoneware Handwash



Wildsmith Skin | English Stoneware Handwash

Give your hands all the care they deserve with this exquisite hand wash by Wildsmith Skin | English Stoneware Handwash. Taking inspiration from the botanicals planted by horticulturist William Walker Wildsmith in the grounds of Heckfield Place, the fragrance is a blend of all-natural ingredients, such as Linden Blossom with soothing notes of Roman Chamomile, Aloe Vera and cedar wood. Together with butters and oils including shea butter, sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter, this delightful combination makes for a balancing, hydrating and velvety texture in the hand wash – and a nourishing and moisturising effect from the lotion.

About Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin is an innovative skincare brand driven by all-natural, high-performing ingredients. Wildsmith alludes to nineteenth-century horticulturist William Wildsmith – responsible for the heavenly woodlands at Heckfield Place. It is here where Wildsmith Skin has its roots, both figuratively and literally. Much like Wildsmith, who had a progressive approach towards cultivation, Wildsmith Skin believes in restoring the balance between nature and humans by using the most powerful natural ingredients and delivering successful, clinically proven results.


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