Season of mists & mellow fruitfulness. And Fire Pits.

It happens every year about this time but it’s always the cause of a wistful sigh. Our bit of the earth tilts away from the sun and towards the blackness of space. The days shorten and the weather turns noticeably more British. You realise those bare shouldered, chilled Sauvignon Blanc sipping evenings are slipping away. You need something to keep the melancholy at bay and defeat the tyranny of the darkening nights.


Season of mists & mellow fruitfulness. And Fire Pits.

Lighting up time.

That something is a Brazier or Fire Pit.They’re made of iron and steel and look so sculptural and elegant. These wonderful shadow makers extend those outdoor evenings and mean you don’t have to go inside, bow to the inevitable and put a fire on. You can stay out, put another log on, open another bottle and watch the flames dance as the warm glow works its magic.

What else is great about a fire pit or brazier? It keeps the wolves away.




Images ©Jerry Kiesewetter ©Harald Pliessnig


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