Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen. Stills from a dream.

The finest poetry is an exquisite distillation of life resulting in 100% proof emotion. In Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen’s vivid and uninhibited work, we can see a similar transformative process whereby raw experience is refracted through the soul and captured on canvas. Feature Image Through (detail)


The-Whisper-Gallery-Mia-Gjerdrum-Helgesen_Birth (detail) 140x120cm acrylic on linen canvas

Birth (detail)

Her work gives us tantalising  glimpses of her inner life. There’s the vibrant Mia who loves colour and is a free spirit as evidenced by the wonderful and joyful abstract painting and print work that celebrates all she is and has experienced.


“I want to show our delicate emotions in contrast with everything that comes from the outside, the cynical and mechanical world that we must deal with.”


And there’s the more reflective Mia. There is much to love and admire here too and yet even the brightest and cheeriest compositions have a melancholy about them.




Her undefined and sometimes sepulchral figures seem to have a longing in them: to be more real and solid perhaps and not so ephemeral and haunting.


“I work in many layers of paintings over time. Each process includes building the structure and design that will slip through the senses and the feelings that captures the emotion and the moment.”


Maybe it’s to do with where Mia Gierdrum Helgesen comes from.




She was born in Norway where every long summer’s day has to be paid for with a long winter’s night.


“I work with large abstract and semi-abstract works complimented by graphics and fabrics. Liquid abstractions in the works reflects the human sense of undefined existence”


But it’s a more sincere and convincing reflection of life. And besides, there’s beauty in sadness otherwise there’d be no minor chords and no deeper meanings.


The-Whisper-Gallery-'Through' and 'Rebirth' -Mia-Gjerdrum-Helgesen_acrylic-on-linen-canvas

Rebirth and Through.


2018 Residency at MANA CONTEMPORARY New York ( ESKFF)


2020 Gallery A OSLO

2019 Gallery ELSA Namsos

2018 Gallery SOON SON

2016 KHÅK kunsthallÅlesundFragmenter av lys

2016 Bærum Kunstforening Udefinert Eksistens

2015 TSH//ARTMIA Pret a Porter collection & exhibit Savior fair Oslo

2014 Art Launch «mia suites» at the NYC-JC suites New York

2014 Gallery Elsa Namsos Fragmenter

2010 Gallery Plysen solo exhibit STRYN Norway

2010 Asker Kunstforening solo Exhibit Asker Norway

2008 Galleri A solo Exhibit Oslo Norway

2007 Galleri Tjømes Kunstsalong Oslo

2006 Agora Gallery «Pathway to Reverie» New York USA

2006 Art Mine, USA


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