The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington

Louise Barrington follows a long tradition of Scottish Women Artists such as Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Joan Eardley and Bet Low transforming landscapes through the prism of their own influences and experiences. Look out for our upcoming exhibition, The Shores of Fantasy 19 July – 29 Sept in our Viewing Rooms.


Capricious nature.

Louise Barrington is an Orkney artist who continues to draw her inspiration from the dramatic landscapes and seascapes she lives by and with. The sea monster hills, the water, sometimes dimpled, sometimes devastating. Her work translates the physical world into the sensory: these are paintings you can feel as well as see.


The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington


Here is an opaque sun, here are the wind-blanched hills and sea-bleached rocks and stones. Her work plants thoughts and ideas.


The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington

Rune, oil on canvas 8 x 10in


The blurring of the lines.

They come unbidden into your head. Perhaps the seabirds dotting and flecking those sheer, austere and towering cliffs, with their plaintive cries piercing the air are just souls given leave to stay because this is their heaven.


The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington

Shore, Corn oil on canvas 8 x 10in


Edge of reality.

But there is uncertainty here too. Every long summer’s light-at-midnight day up here will cost you dear. Don’t depend on the sun to make you happy. Or even the daylight. But, if it’s nature in all its savage beauty, the blast of sun, the horizontal rain, the sawtooth wind, the ghostly shapes and the white haar stillness you crave, then here you’ll be happy. It’s all in the paintings.


The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington

Rune, Loom oil on canvas 8 x 10in


Louise Barrington is a multidisciplinary artist based in Orkney using film, dance, textiles, and sculpture to focus on the aesthetic and environmental aspects of the landscape experienced over the four seasons.


The Shores of Fantasy | Louise Barrington

Dance, Moon oil on canvas 8 x 10in


“Where I live overlooks Scapa Flow, it’s a continuous moving image, the flow of movement, rhythm and patterns from the changing season informs my artistic practice. The vast landscapes of Orkney and the in-between moments of dusk, dawn, and twilight, creates a restrained colour palette for my work. The in-between-ness resonates with the Japanese concept of Ma, Orkney is an edge environment that exists in the in-between spaces.”




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