Transforming arctic narratives into sculptural jewellery.

Some artists express themselves in rousing arpeggios and heart-rending arias. Some produce exquisite, exciting images with paint. Jewellery designer Chloe Lewis expresses herself primarily by transforming arctic narratives into sculptural jewellery. Using materials from deep within the earth, which is beautifully apt because Chloe’s main concern is with the earth, teetering as it is on the edge of climatic catastrophe. VIEW COLLECTION.

Metal works.


She combines her passion for the environment with her love of experimentation and metal work to produce statement jewellery. Her work highlights the rising sea temperature in the Arctic Ocean and expresses the delicate frosty filigree which is found in freezing conditions. Her research and production techniques transform these Arctic narratives into wearable structures. There is something elemental about her jewellery as if it was found in nature, yet her approach is rigorous and analytical, scientific even.




Method in her madness.


Chloe has ingeniously paralleled the changes from rising sea temperatures in the Arctic using drop water casting in a variety of different temperatures creating sculptural jewellery in pewter. This process involves pouring molten pewter into cold water and the impact of sudden temperature change causes the metal to solidify instantly into abstract shapes and configurations. The results of this process differ from large and compact designs to explosions of tiny shards. Exploring temperatures from 11°C to just below boiling point has enabled Chloe to develop a concise understanding of when and how the temperature dramatically alters the material. She then captures the designs within resin allowing her to freeze the moment of impact and present a stillness in an ever-changing environment.


“Exploration of frost flowers is creating a contrast within my body of jewellery.”


“Frost flowers grow only in freezing and windless conditions which resemble delicate blooms of ice. Connecting two opposites, dramatic impact and slow exquisite natural forms. My exploration is allowing me to push the boundaries of how each material is used to create a different aspect within my designs. Using a variety of different materials, jewellery expresses the fragile environment and atmosphere. Crafting these designs into wearable art has enabled me to further explore and develop new ways to draw attention to and communicate this global issue.”


Frozen in time – as the ice melts.


As if to add to the wonder of her jewellery making method, Chloe photographs each finished piece by clicking the shutter as each piece is dropped into water. The images are beautiful and unpredictable and both communicate and demonstrate the narrative behind her work creating parallels with climate change.


Topical but not typical.


There is no such thing as the typical Chloe Lewis Jewellery wearer. Yes, every piece is a talking point and an ice breaker ironically, but it marks you out as someone who probably thinks about the world and is concerned about its future. Because Chloe’s work reflects Chloe’s ethos. The work and the creator of the work are of one mind. But beyond that, it’s no more than an instinct that wearers have in common. Not an age group or a background. Just a shared love of drama in nature and natural beauty that’s just on the borders between order and chaos.



If are interested in a special commission or if you would like Chloe Lewis to design a unique creation for yourself or as a gift, we would be delighted to discuss further details,please contact us.


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