Wearable art form, inspiring playfulness and intrigue: discover Aphra Ellen’s collection.

Aphra Ellen, now based in Melbourne, describes her work as ‘wearable art form, inspiring playfulness and intrigue.’ As well as being a talented young jeweller she also has a first class Mathematics degree under her belt. Curious to learn more about her processes and techniques, we explored what defines her new collection.

Aphra’s pieces are characterised by soft irregularity and rich imperfection, derived interestingly through a very driven process. Fluidity and freedom are the components to her work, where she allows the creative method to direct the final piece.


‘Varieties of natural phenomena are a current motif throughout her design process.’


It is clear to see how the final outcomes are inspired by organic forms and unique shapes; Aphra is fascinated by macro-photography and observing objects on a cellular level. It is as if she pinpoints and builds up the intricacies of a piece, and instead of smoothing over the flaws, allows the beautiful, raw material aspects to remain imperfect.

Aphra is not content settling for one source of inspiration or one medium. On the contrary she experiments with various materials, expanding her practice into painting and sculpture. By applying an inventive and challenging approach, she opens her mind to new avenues of creativity. Her exploration into other art forms compliments the initial design process by sparking ideas that filter visibly into her striking rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and even vessels.

Aphra says that she ‘is more concerned with the character of the piece than its conventional beauty.’ We couldn’t agree more. The thing with conventional beauty is that it’s just that – conventional.

Satisfying. Expected and nice. Perhaps beauty isn’t enough anymore?

The crucial element we search for in jewellery, much as in life, is a unique experience. To be delighted. An adventure, albeit an imperfect one. If are interested in a special commission or if you would like Aphra Ellen to design a unique creation for yourself or as a gift, we would be delighted to discuss further details, please contact us.


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