Wrap me up and take me home.

When you’re all wrapped up and heading homeward to a cracking, crackling fire, who cares if the sky frowns and the rain comes slanting? Let the wind take the leaves from the trees and whirl them up them into a hectic red because there’s always sunshine in the gorgeous colours of Hellen van Berkel’s luxurious scarves and wraps.

Wrap me up and take me home.

Pure fine wools, cottons & silks make an embraceable you.

The success of the collection lies in its original guiding principles. Hellen doesn’t follow fashion trends or answer to voracious commercial demands. From the very beginning she threw and still throws herself into making limited editions of her scarves and takes joy and pride in her daring and often avant-garde designs. Hellen van Berkel designer scarves are artworks in their own right. They are certainly original and beautiful enough to be so and are intended to make their owner feel special in their soft caress.

Hellen van Berkel designer scarves

A lovely warm feeling inside.

Hellen van Berkel combines various techniques, including very traditional ones such as handmade embroidery. This is a unique craft that has its source in India, where these skills are passed down through generations. But Hellen dares to use contrasting crafts within a single product, resulting in exciting combinations of hand block printing, hand rolled hems, hand embroidery or silkscreen, with contemporary digital techniques such as machine hems, digital printing and computerised machine embroidery. Hellen van Berkel designer scarves are exciting combinations inspire curiosity and amazement.

Hellen van Berkel designer scarves

Cosy up to Hellen van Berkel.

As well as cutting a different dash with the style and colour of a Hellen van Berkel scarf or wrap there’s the extreme cosiness that only the best knitwear can provide: that feeling of being loved and cosseted in the teeth of a gale. Of wondering what it’s like at the top of a mountain right now or out at sea – when you’re sat by the fireside.

Wrap me up and take me home.

Hellen van Berkel will be showcasing her SS 2020 Collection at Maison Object, Paris & White Milano, Milan.


© Cover Image Tomas Robertson


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