An untouched year. Why not make your mark on it?

The new year has swept upon us like a brilliant rush of cool air from an open window. The embers of the old year are a fading glow so what greater joy is there than the promise of a brand new start? An untouched year.

The Whisper Gallery is more excited than ever to meet future inspiring & aspiring artists, whether you are new & emerging or firmly established in the art world. We are waiting to share your stories with the world. So get in touch with us to feature in our Stories page. 

“Lots of thoughts and memories pass in my mind and through my hands into the works of art.”

Kim Bartelt applies tissue papers and creates geometrical shapes

 ‘Kim Bartelt’ Studio.

Studded with unique and bespoke products from our talented contributors, The Whisper Gallery is all set to be your exclusive 2020 companion to luxury. 

It’s all about bringing beautiful objects into everyday life – gone are the days when precious items are stored for unique occasions. This is the year of Samuel Waterhouse and his eye-watering unique Silver & Sapphire Necklace – a nod to classical, Renaissance tradition. The wind is still blowing in the eaves so what about RubyKite’s Cashmere Wrap elegant and simple, with a coastal palette reminiscent of a wild, sea-swept romance. Browse RubyKite’s collection of silk & cashmere scarves (all ethically produced using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials.)


And then there are the icons. Want to feel like a celebrity, own a pop star superstar Andy Warhol signed limited edition screenprint.

Takashi Murakami acclaimed Japanese artist known for his innovative “Superflat” aesthetic, combining classical Japanese art with contemporary Japanese pop culture and the emotionally charged, raw imagery of Francis Bacon

An untouched year. So why not make your mark on it?

ICONS: Collection of Modern & Contemporary Prints from Warhol, Miró, Dalí, Lichtenstein, Bacon, Rauschenberg, Tàpies, Hepworth, Grayson, Haring, ShrigleyMurakami

Whether you’re searching for something new – or the rare thrill of owning your very own pièce de résistance of the modern art world, let this be the spark of a secret revolution in your home. As Andy Warhol said himself 

‘Art is what you can get away with.’

The year is up and about before you. So what are you waiting for?

William Tillyer, Zephyr, 2019, Digital print on Arches watercolour paper Each 57.2 x 56 cms (22 1/2 x 22 ins), Set of 8, Edition of 70

ZEPHYR A warm all embracing westerly breeze

Online exclusive. The series will be officially launched during the Armory Show in New York March 2020.Starting from a belief that all forms, and life, are interrelated, with a common cohesion, energy, and equation, this series of 8 new prints combines digitally re-imagined watercolour still life painting with photographic imagery of significance to the artist and his work of the last six decades. From a landscape painting by Claude Lorraine through to a Marcel Breuer chair in an interior. Man in and against nature.


An untouched year. So why not make your mark on it?


An untouched year. So why not make your mark on it?





Main Image ©Taylor Simpson

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