Animal Attraction Betty by Jana Nicole



Animal Attraction Betty by Jana Nicole. Anima means soul or spirit and here we get a tantalising glimpse of Jana Nicole’s vivid and fertile mind. These fabulous animal/human fusions are outside the cages of gorgeous coloured bars, free at last. This is eye-popping Pop Art and around the head is a happy confusion of exotic birds and flowers. The head itself is resplendent in a flamboyant and majestic headdress to symbolise, honour and protect.

Perhaps it’s a celebration of the animal in all of us. A suggestion that we inherit our finer instincts from animals and it’s our baser instincts that are human. These inspired Limited Edition prints are easy to hang, impossible to ignore.

Please find the Animal Attraction Series. They are 60 x 60 Limited Edition prints on Somerset paper with hand torn edges.

Each artist’s signed print comes wrapped in tissue in a tube with the artist’s personal sticker too.


60mm x 60mm


Somerset Paper with hand torn edges


All pieces are entirely handcrafted and unique. Please allow around 5-10 working days from placing the order for delivery.

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