Damien Hirst | Cineole 2004



Damien Hirst | Cineole 2004
Etching on rag paper
45 3/10 × 44 3/10 in
115 × 112.5 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 145

Damien Hirst | Cineole 2004 explores the relationship between colours and their effect on the eye. Butterflies and hand-painted shapes are used to transform the natural into perfect compositions. Through these patterns, Hirst describes himself “pinning down the joy of colour.”

In his work, Damien Hirst frequently explores contemporary belief systems; religion, love, art and medicine. His butterfly series is meant to encompass the aesthetic of life. Even when butterflies are dead, their vibrancy makes them feel alive. Each butterfly is also born with a completely unique pattern, mimicking the individuality of each human.

Hirst’s “Spot” series pertains to modern medicine and the strive for human perfection. The arrangement of colours are intentional and satisfying, making one feel at ease. In these collections, Hirst demonstrates how colours are contained and organised affect one’s reaction to them.


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