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Words can fall short because who amongst us is a Keats or a Shelley? Flowers fade, the elation of fizz is temporary and chocolates are gone too soon. So how do you say what you really want to say on Valentine’s Day?

You give art to fall in love with and you let a picture, a painting say the hundred thousand things you want to say.

Such a gift says you know his or her inner soul and what they like, sometimes even better than they know themselves. And a painting from the heart can last forever.

♥︎Art to fall in love with



Roses are ok. But roses have been done. Chocolates and champagne too. They are the standard Valentine reflex action. So how do you express your feelings in an entirely unique way? With an entirely unique object d’art or a painting. It says more than mere bubbles ever can.

♥︎Art to make you smile


Montpellier-based illustrator Cédric Pierre-Bez takes everyday forms and deconstructs them – manipulating shapes and colours for a dreamlike, trippy signature style. His graphic pieces are as colourful as they are captivating. Like this illustration, Angels.


♥︎Just how much in love are you?

Art for artistic lovers

A ring, not just a ring from your local jewellers but a truly one-off exceptional ring can from a truly exceptional craftsman Samuel Waterhouse and his minimal chic white gold inlaid ring is a thing of beauty and a joy forever to borrow from Keats. It says your love is deep, as deep even as the place where the gold came from in the first place. Without saying those exact words and getting into a conversation about geology, of course.


The Whisper Gallery is all set to be your exclusive guide for artistic lovers.


♥︎Young British Designers

They are true creators.They challenge convention with their unstoppable spirit. They craft timeless pieces for your forever wardrobe, meticulously designed and produced with integrity.


The wind is still blowing in the eaves so what about RubyKite’s over sized Moorland Silk Scarf. The creams and glimpses of blue and turquoise that are no more than a promise. These colours are so redolent of our uplands and moorlands that you can almost hear the loud hush of wind as it blows through reeds and shakes the tufts and tussocks.

Browse RubyKite’s collection of silk & cashmere scarves (all ethically produced using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials.)


Colour yourself in. Add a dash of panache with this Gorgeous Silk Scarf. Designer scarves filled with living colour, vivid, vital & zesty. They even behave like nature as this scarf is soft and silky as a ruffling breeze. A Hellen Van Berkel scarf can play up or play down what you’re wearing. It can soften the edges and it can draw the eye.

Inspired by the ceilings of the Villa  Borghese in Rome Hellen frames the image of Medusa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini


Marble Silk Scarf

♥︎New loves

And then there are the icons. Want to feel like a celebrity, own a pop star superstar Robert Rauschenberg Limited Edition Print, Deposit From America or One to Watch in 2021 Marit Geraldine Bostad currently showing in our Viewing Rooms.

If you can’t change the world


♥︎Art to make your heart beat a little faster


Icons & legends: Collection of Modern & Contemporary Prints from Warhol, MiróLichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Tàpies, Hepworth, Haring.

Whether you’re searching for something new – or the rare thrill of owning your very own pièce de résistance of the modern art world, let this be the spark of a secret love affair in your home. As Andy Warhol said himself 

 “I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.”

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If you can’t change the world


If you can’t change the world



Main Image ©Kilimanjaro Studio

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